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University Growth and Demand for Services Reflected in “IT-by-the-Numbers”

With the growth in student and employee headcount, the demand for IT Services at Western Carolina University has increased. Below is a look at then (2009) and now.

WCU Faculty/Staff Email Blocks Executable Files

To prevent the spread of malicious software, WCU’s implementation of Exchange Online Protection (EOP) blocks emails that have files with executable content as attachments. Examples of file types that would be blocked are .exe, .dll and .bat files. This block also filters zip files that contain files with executable contents. Zip files that do not […]

Recent Email Phishing Scams

Email messages from compromised WCU faculty/staff accounts have recently been making the rounds, and these new phishing scams have affected WCU faculty, staff and students. In the most recent event which occurred on Thursday, March 5, the problem caused all on-campus email to be turned off for three hours and all day for faculty and […]