The Technology Commons is again hosting the semester end “No Stressin’ Before the Testin’” event for students in the Technology Commons on this Friday, April 27th. This semester’s theme is “Catamounts in the Caribbean.”

This event is an opportunity for students to enjoy themselves in a fun, relaxing environment before worrying about the stress of exams. We will be engaging the students with a number of activities and opportunities designed to allow them to escape the stress, if just for one day, of the week to come.

Some of the activities include party games such as Bean Bag Toss and Ring Toss, video games, tropical and pirate related movies, parrot coloring stations, and a treasure hunt contest involving pirates and treasure seekers. We’ll be providing candy and snacks through donations if possible to the students during the event.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite tropical themed or pirate themed clothes for the day. Take this opportunity to show your support for keeping the stress at bay if just for one day. Visit the Technology Commons any time during the week for more information concerning the event.