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CIO Craig A. Fowler

IT Service of the Month: Management of IT Assets

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) uses an inventory management system to track university owned technology assets. Additionally, whenever a qualifying asset is permanently moved, transferred to another department, traded in, missing, stolen, dismantled, or otherwise disposed, we have an Asset Inventory Control system in place. Requirements/Limitations DoIT is responsible for tracking: Computers – laptops, tablets, desktops Servers […]

Curative Analysis: ‘Own IT’ for November 2017′

Equitrac and Windows 10:  A recent update to Windows 10 from Microsoft is not compatible with out current version of Equitrac, resulting in printing issues for some WCU faculty and staff.  Some faculty and staff are receiving an error stating that they have no available funds to print while others are not being prompted to accept […]

Information Security Awareness November 2017: Shop Safe Online, Even on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)!

In 2016, for the first time ever, shoppers bought more online than in stores. All Internet-connected devices are vulnerable, especially when being used for purchases. Check out the graphics below for tips about safe shopping online. It is important to be “Cybersmart” whether conducting personal business or university business!     Watch this video: Online […]

PAW Print Pricing Changes

Beginning December 1, 2017 PAW Print pricing will be changing. The Paw Print fleet of printers will be divided into four tiers with varying prices based on print volume. This change has been made to make the PAW Print service sustainable for campus. During the month of November, IT division staff will be adding new […]

IT Question of the Week

We are featuring questions that we’ve received this fall semester via our IT governance groups. We hope you find this helpful! Q: Why are HDMI connections lacking in some classrooms? A:  It is a question of funding. Each year we seek funding to enhance more WCU classrooms with the HDMI connections and newer technology.  Currently, about […]