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CIO Craig A. Fowler

IT Question of the Week

Q:  Why can’t we have personal printers? A:  It has been an Executive Council decision (recently re-affirmed) that a campus-wide printer fleet (i.e. PAW Print) best serves the financial and service capability goals at the university level (including faculty, staff and students). For example, personal printers do not provide the capabilities of general access by […]

IT Question of the Week

Q. What can we use to facilitate online course office hours? Skype doesn’t work. A.  We are aware of some issues with Skype, such as the Mac client not functioning the same as the Windows client and we are working vigilantly with faculty and staff on an individual basis to assist them with their issues. We […]

IT Service of the Month: Software Adoption Review

This service provides WCU Faculty and Staff with consultative support in the purchasing and/or acquisition of software to be used by WCU faculty, staff, or students on WCU-owned computers. This service is provided to enable compliance with University Policy 119. Requestors will be provided with recommendations for best-practice approach to the adoption of the proposed […]

Information Security Awareness November 2017: Shop Safe Online, Even on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)!

In 2016, for the first time ever, shoppers bought more online than in stores. All Internet-connected devices are vulnerable, especially when being used for purchases. Check out the graphics below for tips about safe shopping online. It is important to be “Cybersmart” whether conducting personal business or university business!     Watch this video: Online […]

PAW Print Pricing Changes

Beginning December 1, 2017 PAW Print pricing will be changing. The Paw Print fleet of printers will be divided into four tiers with varying prices based on print volume. This change has been made to make the PAW Print service sustainable for campus. During the month of November, IT division staff will be adding new […]