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CIO Craig A. Fowler

IT Service of the Month: Software Adoption Review

This service provides WCU Faculty and Staff with consultative support in the purchasing and/or acquisition of software to be used by WCU faculty, staff, or students on WCU-owned computers. This service is provided to enable compliance with University Policy 119. Requestors will be provided with recommendations for best-practice approach to the adoption of the proposed […]

Information Security Awareness November 2018: Shop Safe Online, Even on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)!

In 2016, for the first time ever, shoppers bought more online than in stores. All Internet-connected devices are vulnerable, especially when being used for purchases. Check out the graphics below for tips about safe shopping online. It is important to be “Cybersmart” whether conducting personal business or university business!     Watch this video: Online […]

Curative Analysis: ‘Own IT’ for October 2018

The Curative Analysis team in IT is tasked with finding the causes of significant IT issues that affect campus. In this news update, we draw your attention to some of the problems being investigated or issues handled recently. Blackboard Login Issues:  A security feature from the updated firmware on the external firewall caused the firewall to incorrectly block Blackboard […]

IT Service of the Month: Domain Name System (DNS)

WCU provides DNS (Domain Name System) hosting services for the university as well as for qualifying related organizations. The DNS translates computer names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This naming structure makes it easier to access resources on the internet or campus network. Requirements/Limitations In general, domain names for all computer systems, devices, and services […]

Information Security Awareness: What are the risks of the Internet of Things?

You may have heard the term “Internet of Things” or IoT used a lot recently. This term refers to non-traditional devices that are now able to connect to the Internet. These can be “things” like fitness trackers, cars, dishwashers, smart TVs, door locks or medical devices like insulin pumps. These devices are now showing up […]