Safe Social Networking

Safe Social Networking


Who Else Is Online? When you use social media, do you think about who might be using it besides your friends and connections? Following are some of the other users you may encounter.

  • Identity thieves. Cybercriminals need only a few pieces of information to gain access to your financial resources. Phone numbers, addresses, names, and birthdays can be harvested easily from social networking sites and used for identity theft.
  • Online predators. Knowing your schedule and your whereabouts can make it very easy for someone to victimize you, whether it’s breaking in while you’re gone or attacking you while you’re out.
  • Employers. Employers can investigate applicants and current employees through social networking sites and/or search engines. Think before you post a compromising picture or inflammatory status. (And consider staying out of online political and religious discussions!)

How Do I Protect My Information?

  • Don’t post personal or private information online! It is hard to take it back.
  • Use privacy settings, and
  • review them regularly.
  • Share only the information you are comfortable sharing. Don’t supply information that’s not required.
  • Remember: You have to play a role in protecting your information and staying safe online. No one will do it for you.


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