Many individuals at WCU are already using Multifactor Authentication (MFA) as an extra step to authenticate to applications with sensitive data. We are now implementing a phased plan to require MFA for all faculty and staff and students to protect off-campus access to their WCUid. So, why is MFA important?

  1. If there is a breach of a system where you have an account, anywhere on the Internet, your username and password for that system could be compromised. Many people use similar passwords for all of their accounts.
  2. If you succumb to an Email phishing attempt or fall victim to other forms of malware your username and password can fall into the wrong hands.
  3. Without MFA there is nothing to stop someone using compromised username/password credentials from accessing anything that you normally access.

What is WCU’s Enhanced MFA?

  1. Protect your WCUid with MFA for off-campus access to your account for many applications.
  2. You will now only have to change your WCUid password once per year!
  3. You may early register for MFA or check your status at https:\\


Video: What is MFA/2FA?

Advice: You should also utilize MFA or similar security features for all personal accounts where sensitive information is stored, if it is offered. This includes any sites where your credit card information is stored such as Amazon and PayPal.