The Division of IT (DoIT) offers assistance to identify and procure appropriate security methods for University-owned or personal computers.

We will help install and implement the selected security devices or systems for University-owned computers.

University-owned laptops come with two security features – the WCU logo etched onto the cover and Computrace installed to help locate lost or stolen machines.

From University Policy 67:

Purchases of desktop/laptop computers, servers, disk drives, printers, and other external computer peripheral devices by Western Carolina University departments and offices must be accompanied by purchase and installation of security devices and software that effectively prevent theft of the equipment. Information Technology and Purchasing Office personnel will assist departments in identifying and procuring appropriate security methods for the equipment being acquired. Budgetary responsibility for purchase and installation of these security methods will reside with the University department acquiring the equipment.

Exceptions to this policy may be made for equipment whose value does not exceed $250, if the equipment is meant to be portable, or if the user department and the Director of University Police judge that the equipment’s location will be sufficiently protected to minimize the risk of theft.


This service is available for both University-owned assets as well as personally-owned computers.


Faculty, staff, and students are eligible for this service.

Service Availability

By appointment 8:00am-5:00pm M-F

Charge for this Service

Equipment costs for physical security (approximately $35 per kit).

Licensing fee for Computrace or LoJack ($75.00 per computer).

Fee for Engraving of computers ($17.50 per computer).


Contact the IT Help Desk
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Closed weekends and university holidays
Call: 227-7487 or 866-928-7487 (toll free)
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