The Division of IT has redesigned our project intake process.  Representatives from all areas of IT recently collaborated to review the previous intake activities, and a new customized intake process was vetted and approved by the ITLC for final adoption.  The new process is effective immediately and moves certain intake activities from pre-activation to post-activation.  The adjustments are intended to improve resource management for IT projects, and we urge everyone to review the new process as soon as possible.  Please reach out to the Project Management Office with any questions.

Pre-Activation Activities

  • Enter Project Request in Cherwell
  • Project or Service Request Analysis (how many points?)*
  • Transfer Information from Cherwell Service Request to TeamDynamix Project Request
  • Close Cherwell Service Request
  • Meet with Requestor for Benefit Analysis**
  • Enter Available Data in TeamDynamix
  • Prepare PDF for Division Endorsement and ITLC
  • Division Endorsement
  • ITLC Review

Post-Activation Activities

  • Research Options Available
  • Preliminary Project Review Form (Architecture Council Form)
  • Build vs. Buy Analysis
  • Determine any Data Involved
  • Determine if Hosted Solution
  • Notification to Cloud Strategy Team if Necessary
  • Terms and Conditions/Initial Assessment Tool
  • Privacy Assessment
  • Determine if e-Signature is Needed
  • Estimate High Level Timeline, Resources, and Cost
  • Build Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Determine NPV, Payback Period, and ROI Once Full Requirements are Completed
  • Keep TeamDynamix Updated as Appropriate

*Project or Service Request Analysis (how many points?)

Service RequestSmall ProjectIntermediate ProjectLarge Project
0-6 points7-11 points12-16 points17-21 points
CharacteristicsAdd 0 PointsAdd 1 PointAdd 2 PointsAdd 3 Points
Work Hours1-39 hrs40-120 hrs121-300 hrs301+ hrs
Technology NeedsIn-house expertise/already running the toolIn-house expertiseLimited in-house expertise, used some features for a few projects, still novice levelNew to WCU or requires system-wide change/training
Organizational ImpactInternal to ITInternal to IT or Serves 1 division external to ITServes 2 divisions external to ITServes 3 or more divisions external to IT
ComplexityWell-defined solution with no problems expectedWell-defined solution; few problems expected; Authentication component (SSO,AD)Solution is known; some implementation challenges expected; Interface to ERP system requestedSolution is unknown or not clearly defined, significant research and planning entailed; FERPA Data involved
RequirementsAll requirements known and documented; no funding requiredAll requirements known; no external costSome requirements know and possibly documented; funding not determined/confirmedNo requirements understood or documented; donor financed
Functional EngagementNo functional involvementNone or minimal functional  area(s) involvementSome level of involvement from functional area(s)Major functional area(s) involvement
Visibility to CampusLowLowMediumHigh

**Meet with Requestor for Benefit Analysis

Face-to-face initial meeting with the requestor may include the following areas of discussion:

  • Why do we need to do this?
  • Is this a legal, mandated, or compliance project request?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Do they need a new application?
  • Do they need to automate an existing process?
  • Do they need a new process?
  • Do they need data auto-populated from another system?
  • Do they need data pushed back into another system?
  • Do they need authorizations?
  • Do they need notifications?
  • Do they need reporting?