By Al Sanders, IT Project Coordinator

The Division of IT (DoIT) currently has about 80 projects under way. While all of these will have a positive impact on some portion of WCU’s activities, the following 10 projects will be most visible to the campus.

1. Identity Management (Phase I, II, and II): By signing onto the WCU network only once, the project will provide seamless navigation of, and access to, WCU systems based on an individual’s role in the organization. read more

2. Desktop Whole Disk Encryption: A pilot project to establish a better way of encrypting data stored on mobile devices. Encryption of certain data is required by regulatory agencies. (Note: this project has been delayed due to financial constraints. It will be reassessed in the new fiscal year.)

3. This new online destination or “front door” will give the campus a centralized place to make any service request of IT. Requests and their status will be tracked every step of the way, through to resolution. read more

4. Project Intake Process: This project will establish a process for the campus to identify, document, prioritize, and approve projects involving IT.

5. Creation of Service Catalog: Every service offered by IT is being identified, defined, and documented so any user on campus can see exactly what IT does and does not provide.

6. Campus “Front Door”: Today, the WCU website hosts some content that is not intended for the consumption of the general public. This project will move this type of content to an internally accessible site, making the public-facing site much more user friendly. read more

7. Investigate Thin Client (a software program or computer that relies heavily on another computer to do most of its work): At present, a significant percentage of WCU’s annual budget is spent on buying new computers when the old ones wear out or become obsolete. This project explores ways of using less expensive computer hardware to accomplish the campus’ work.

8. Security Access Request Process: This process will work with (project #3) to establish a place to go to request access to the various IT systems in use by WCU.

9. WCU Website Redesign
: Under way since 2006, the redesign will soon be complete. The WCU website contains content provided by many different “owners.” Each owner has been given the tools and training to keep their information fresh and up to date.

10. Certificate Services: This project will simplify how users of the WCU wireless computer network sign on. It also will allow the IT division to better manage encryption services for employees and faculty members who use computers with encrypted data storage devices.