By Anne Vail, Director of Client Services

The Division of Information Technology has long maintained a list of supported hardware and software for WCU faculty, staff, and student computers. Over time, the official list has become more and more flexible as technology advanced at more rapid a pace than we could keep up with due to our limited resources. Earlier this year, CIO Bil Stahl reissued the charge to the Computer Standards Committee to identify emerging, fully supported, and fading technologies. Committee work is now under way to revive the list, review what’s out there, identify the “new, neat, and cool” technologies, and establish baseline standards for what can reasonably be supported on campus by the division.

The Computer Standards Committee is meeting frequently and plans to have an updated list in place for campus to reference prior to the start of the fall semester. As the list is revised and refined, the Committee will review its recommendations with appropriate Information Technology Policy Council (ITPC) advisory committees for additional input. Consultation with faculty, staff, and students also is a key part of creating the new standards.

For more information about the work of the Computer Standards Committee, contact Anne Vail, director of Client Services, at 828-227-2331.