By William Frady, Manager of Technology Management

The IT Client Services team has been busy this year refreshing computer workstations in the electronic classrooms (e-classrooms) on campus. We have refreshed all the computers in one e-classroom and are preparing to refresh the computers in three other e-classrooms.

The first e-classroom that has been completed is the Fine and Performing Arts Center e-Classroom, FPAC 248. This classroom, which used to contain 16 student computer stations, now contains 25 20” iMac computers running Mac OS X as student stations and one 20” iMac for the instructor teaching station.

The three other e-classrooms slated to be refreshed are Coulter 105 and 202 and Stillwell 144. These classrooms will be upgraded over fall break while classes are not in session. They will get 20” iMac computers that will run Windows Vista OS.

We are planning to convert the four refreshed e-classrooms to dual-use classrooms for the spring semester by having the iMacs set up in a “dual-boot” OS configuration. This setup will allow faculty to teach in these classrooms with their choice of the two major OS versions (Windows or Mac OS).

IT has been striving to refresh all the IT-supported e-classrooms across campus and is working to complete this within the current budget restrictions. For more information on the IT-supported e-classrooms, contact William Frady at

Did You Know?

… that in a recent survey, 97% of students stated that they brought a laptop computer to campus, versus 3% that brought a desktop computer?

… that 80% of students recently surveyed stated that they knew where to get IT computer help on campus?

… that in preparation for the start of campus, Client Services imaged over 565 PC and Mac classroom and student lab computers on campus?

… that IT Client Services manages 13 e-classrooms, 134 demonstration classrooms, 2 ITV classrooms, and 3 open-access student labs across campus?

… that IT now has an IP Intercom system in most e-classrooms and demo classrooms on campus where “at the push of a button” faculty can call the IT Help Desk for support? For more information on this system, contact William Frady at