By Akum Jamir, Manager of Campus Computing

In an effort to provide more timely assistance to our clients both on and off campus, the campus computing department has increased the usage of Bomgar, a tool that enables us to remotely assist our clients with their issues. With Bomgar, our technicians are able to provide remote assistance to clients anywhere in the world. Bomgar allows us to remotely install software, resolve system malfunctions and remove virus and spyware infections.

The remote sessions are secure and the application used to establish the connection is automatically removed once a session is completed. Using Bomgar, our technicians have dramatically reduced our response times and provided almost instant solutions to our clients on issues that normally required on-site or face-to-face repair. Bomgar works on both Windows and Apple operating systems.

Campus computing is pleased to report a 20% increase in Bomgar sessions from January to February 2010 (see diagram below).


For more information on remote assistance, contact Akum Jamir at