By Zaneta Summers, Class TIPS Manager

What can Class TIPS do for you? From eBriefcase and open-attendance workshops to one-on-one and small group assistance, we provide WCU students with the software education they need. Read on and learn about the services we offer.

eBriefcase Workshops
Class TIPS, a service of the new Technology Commons, will be offering workshops on the eBriefcase for 750 students this fall. The workshops are scheduled Sept. 27-Oct. 8 and will be led by members of the TIPS team and assisted by five peer instructors from the Technology Commons. These five peer instructors will provide the majority of the one-on-one eBriefcase walk-up support for students Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. -12 p.m., and Monday through Thursday, 6-9 p.m. Students enrolled in ENG 101 are piloting the eBriefcase at WCU this fall and the Class TIPS team is excited to be working with these students and their faculty members. To learn more about the eBriefcase, visit

Open-Attendance Workshops
Class TIPS also offers open-attendance workshops for students interested in various software programs. With a restructuring of services this summer, Class TIPS is staffed with more than 25 peer instructors skilled in various software programs. Matching their skills with train-the-trainer and workshop design sessions, our peer instructors can now lead and support workshops of up to 24 students. Workshops are currently held in our e-classrooms on campus; the Technology Commons will soon house a large instructional area for workshops of up to 12 participants.

The Class TIPS team offered its first series of open-attendance workshops Sept 7-24, which included Microsoft office, audio and video editing, and Adobe software programs. A new rotation will begin Oct. 18. Workshops are introductory in nature and are posted on our training calendar at View workshop and software descriptions at or request a workshop via No registration is required; show up early or on time to get a seat.

One-on-One and Small Group Assistance
As an extension of the student workshops, Class TIPS offers one-on-one assistance on more advanced software features and provides training in more of a consultation manner, assisting students to make the software work for their specific project needs. Advanced assistance is available by appointment with a skilled peer instructor in the Technology Commons.

In-Class Presentations and Training
Class TIPS offers in-class presentations on IT services for students and on the new Technology Commons and training resources. Other presentations and consultations can be scheduled by instructors who wish to assist their students in planning and preparing for multi-media projects that are a part of their course requirements. Instructors can also request specialized in-class training; requests must be made three weeks in advance. Contact Zaneta Summers at to learn more about this service.

What students and faculty are saying about Class TIPS
“My Class TIPS peer instructor answered my questions in such a way that the big picture of technology was incorporated into my understanding of the class assignment.”
— WCU student

“Thank you so much for taking time to meet with the dietetic interns. They found the session very informative and plan to attend workshops during the next few weeks while they are on campus.”
— WCU instructor

“Thank you! I learned a lot, too. We appreciate both of you sharing your knowledge and time!”
— WCU instructor

Contact Information
For more information on Class TIPS, contact Class TIPS Manager Zaneta Summers at To learn more about eBriefcase support, contact eBriefcase Support Technician Laura Dinunzio at