By Anna T. McFadden, Director of Academic Engagement and IT Governance


The IT Leadership Council (ITLC) has instituted a new staff recognition called the Triple P Award. The purpose of the Triple P Award is to recognize an outstanding or exceptional staff contribution that will move IT and/or the campus community to a higher level.

Nominations are based on performance in one or more of the three P areas: Proactive, Process and Prevention. Nominees must demonstrate outstanding performance in an achievement, high quality of work, creativity and innovative ideas, or a high-level skill set expressed in their work, resulting in a positive and exceptional impact upon the IT division, university or parts of the university.

The first Triple P Award winner was Sue Grider (pictured above at right with CIO Craig Fowler), an instructional training specialist in the Coulter Faculty Commons (CFC). Sue was recognized for her in-depth work on data collection and analysis of CFC services to the campus. This work was the foundation for the Campus Technology Magazine Innovator Award given to the CFC in July.

The second Triple P Award winner was Brian Dickens (pictured at right with CIO Craig Fowler), a Tier 2 support analyst for the IT Help Desk. Brian was responsible for the research, implementation and communication surrounding the Mobile Communication Device Policy, designed to protect faculty and staff and the university from data breaches on high-risk mobile devices.

The Triple P Award is given quarterly; winners are recognized by CIO Craig Fowler at an IT General Staff meeting.