Faculty and staff have reported experiencing issues accessing VPN, Banner, and Blackboard services from Apple computers. This issue is related to Apple disabling Java versions earlier than 7.13 via Xprotect, a security software installed in OS X versions Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), and Mountain Lion (10.8). Java 7.10 contained a security exploit that had the chance to cause major security issues for computers with that version of Java installed. Apple disabled Java prior to 7.13 to protect customers from this security vulnerability. Since VPN access, Banner, and Blackboard rely on Java to function correctly, having the software disabled on Apple computers impeded the use of this software.

Please contact the Help Desk at ext. 7487  to have them install and configure the latest updated Java (7.13) on Apple computers. Due to the more advanced nature of this workaround, it is recommended that only IT personnel perform these steps.

Faculty, for your information, below is how this issue affects Blackboard and Go to Meeting.


  • Requires most current version to run applets. The specific tools that need Java are:
    • collaboration tools (chat, virtual classroom)
    • assignments, blogs, wikis, discussion boards that need external files uploaded into them
    • the Grade Center
    • the built in HTML editor


Newest version (5.4) does not require Java

  • All computers will automatically be updated
  • Older version (5.2) does need Java.
    • Caveat: Users on Mac OS 10.5 or older cannot use the newest version. They need to upgrade to OS 10.6 or newer. Users can manually be rolled back to an older version of GoToMeeting if needed but support may become an issue.