The Root Cause team in IT is tasked with finding the causes of significant IT issues that affect campus. In this news update we wish to draw your attention to some of the problems we have handled in the last month.

Biltmore Campus Wireless Connectivity (Faculty, Staff and Students)

This month the Division of IT continued to address wireless connectivity problems at our Biltmore Park Campus. IT staff traveled to the campus and performed numerous tests over the course of several days and discovered an incorrect configuration issue on one of the main network controllers. The configuration has been modified and a decrease in the number of wireless issues reported on the campus has dropped. Our network analysts continue to monitor the situation along with representatives from Help Desk, Desktop Services and Student Computing team.

In addition a Wireless TIGER Team has been assembled to review wireless issues and concerns encountered by our clients on all campuses. Report from team is due to IT Leadership by early fall semester.

Windows 8 and Wireless (Student-owned computers)

A decrease in the number of Windows 8 computers presented to IT with wireless connectivity issues has dropped. Computer manufacturers have updated their wireless adapter software and the Student Computing Team has updated the ‘Wireless Repair Tool’ located on the IT software download website to address some of the more common issues. This problem has been largely confined to student-owned laptops at this point.

Audio/Visual Playback in McKee and Forsyth Classrooms (Faculty, Staff)

The new Virtual Environment Classrooms suffered from some performance-related concerns in audio visual playback. Our analysts worked alongside representatives from the equipment vendors and implemented changes recommended. Reporting shows 96% of total instructors had no further issues. An updated version of the Virtual Environment was installed on June 8th to address additional issues with external storage devices. Equipment Vendor is tentatively scheduled to visit the later part of June to perform an overall assessment of the virtual environment.

IT Change Request Process Improvement

Two global problems recently occurred which were a direct result of implemented changes. The number of service disruption or issues encountered by our clients would have been limited or non-existent if the process had been followed. In addition, client facing support units would have been better informed and prepared to assist clients reporting issues. Discussion of the IT Change Request Process was held at the monthly root cause meeting. Consensus among the team members resulted in the creation of a process review team. Changes or modifications to the process will be presented to the IT Leadership team in the near future.

Resolved Global Problems

• Accounts 1
• Blackboard 1
• Data Management 1
• Network 3
• Server 2
• Software 1
• Web 1

The Division of IT is committed to adopting a proactive, process-oriented approach to prevent problems before they arise. We will continue to keep you informed on our progress.

May 2013
iTickets Created (Inc. & Service Requests) 2371
iTickets Closed (Inc. & Service Requests) 2335
iTicket follow-up answer – NO** 12 0.51%
iTicket follow-up answer – YES 1002 42.91%
iTickets without a response 1321 56.57%

**‘No’ follow-up answers (was incident or service request resolved/fulfilled to client’s satisfaction):
Incident: 2
Service Request: 10

Requests for further information on the ‘no’ responses revealed the following root cause/final actions:
May 2013 Root Cause/Final Action
Client error 1 BP wireless 2
Vendor timeliness, communication 1 Mobile email security warnings 1
Communication 1
Total = 6