Repairing Microsoft Outlook

1. Close any Outlook windows that are currently open.

2. Click on the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen.


3. Select Control Panel.

4. Select the Mail (32 Bit) icon.


5. Select the E-mail Accounts button.

Mail setup

6. Make sure your email address is selected and has a check mark next to it.

7. Click on the Repair button located just above your email address.


8. Click on Next.

9. You should see 3 green check marks letting you know that it has successfully reestablished


connection with the Exchange Server.

10. Click on the Finish button.

11. Click on the Close button.

12. Click on the Close button for the Mail Setup Outlook window.

13. Close the Control Panel.

14. Open up Outlook and confirm that the issue has been resolved.

15. Reboot the computer if the issue has not been resolved.

16. If it is still not connecting please call the Help Desk at x7487 and they can further assist you.