Information security awareness training is a requirement mandated through the adoption of the ISO 27002 information security standards by WCU and the entire UNC System. In November 2013, we introduced the initial required information security training course based on the SANS Securing the Human program. This year’s training for all full-time faculty and staff will focus on four of the most critical videos from last year and introduce three new videos. You may choose to take the quiz on the four review videos without actually watching them. There is a second quiz that you will take after watching the three new videos. Participant attendance and participation will be tracked and verified. There are 30 optional videos dedicated to more specific topics available, also.

This year’s information security training needs to be completed by March 31, 2015. It should take you less than 30 minutes to complete, and there are two options available:

Option One: Watch the training videos online at your convenience. This is done using Blackboard Learn and only permanent employees will have access. Log on by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Western’s Home Page (
  2. Click once on the Blackboard link on the top bar.
  3. Use your WCU network (Active Directory) username (not your 92 number) and associated password to Login.
  4. Look for the course in which you are enrolled, and click on Information Security Training – Year 2 and follow the instructions.

Your attendance and participation in the training will be tracked and verified. Remember, there are 30 optional videos dedicated to more specific topics available that you may view.

 Option Two: The videos may be viewed in a group setting with a Q&A.  Attendance will be monitored. Please register to attend below.

Register Here!  or copy and past the following link:

Please share this information with all permanent employees in your area.

 If you have questions regarding this training, please contact Joel McKenzie, IT Security Analyst,