With the growth in student and employee headcount, the demand for IT Services at Western Carolina University has increased. Below is a look at then (2009) and now.  The Division of IT has increased its data collection since 2009 to more accurately reflect our services and numbers. Recently shared with IT Governance committees and councils, this information may be interesting and useful to students and university employees.

Some interesting observations:

  • Number of students has grown 10%
  • WCU’s internet connection capacity has increased 10x
  • Wireless access points have increased 430%
  • Number of servers has increased 100%
  • Data center storage has increased over 10x
  • Digital signage has gone from none in 2009 to 55 managed displays today

Any questions can be referred to Dr. Anna McFadden at ext. 2411.


Statistics 2015 2009
WCU Employees 1623, Fulltime, part time 1606
Student Headcount 10, 382 (Fall, 2014) 9429
Average wireless devices per student 4 or more (Spring 2013) Unknown
IT Staff 81 positions 78 positions
IT Locations 7 8
Internet Connection 1500MB(1.5Gb) 150MB
Percent Utilization 67% min 80+ during afternoon class hours and evening Unknown
Number of network ports 15,000 14, 000
Number of wireless access points 1594 300
Number of concurrent wireless users Daily over 6500, with peaks of 7000 Max 1000
Data Center Servers 396 196
Server virtualization 74% 52%
Total Datacenter storage 483 TB usable 44 TB
WCU owned personal computers 4971 Unknown
Data Center hosted applications 215 Unknown
Offsite hosted applications 40+ (15+ Enterprise linked with data center Unknown
Digital Signs 55 Unknown
Technology Enhanced Instructional Spaces 399 Unknown
Instructional Technology Installed $4,500,000

$2,600,000 IT Funded and Managed