WCU’s Digital Signage system is a form of electronic display that shows multimedia content for informational, instructional, educational, and advertising purposes. Whereas traditional signage is comprised of printed material, WCU’s Digital Signage system employs large format monitors to display information. While printed signs remain static, a digital sign has the capacity to be dynamic, interactive, entertaining, and far more efficient. WCU’s Digital Signage system is extremely flexible and can show content such as videos, news feeds, text, web pages, pictures, calendars, live video feeds, and more.

The following is needed in order to take advantage of the Digital Signage System at WCU:

    • Display (This can be an LCD TV, a Plasma TV, a projector, or even a computer monitor)
    • Computer (We recommend being able to mount this behind the display)
    • Player License
    • Location (Preferably in high traffic areas that are seen by lots of people)
    • Content

Digital Signage is available to any department on campus.  Faculty and staff, as identified by department/office head, for official university sites.

Service Availability
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of scheduled maintenance.

IT’s Role
The Division of IT (DoIT) is responsible for keeping the service running.  This includes server-side support, client configuration, user rights, upgrade implementation, and software maintenance.  DoIT will setup the computers, install the software, configure the connection to the server, and verify connectivity with the network.  DoIT will make sure that the display functions correctly with the system software. DoIT will be responsible for coordinating training sessions for new users, both within the system and for some basic content generation tutorials.  DoIT will provide a series of basic overlay templates to get new users started with their signage.  This will be a campus-oriented template that will provide a uniform look to all displays out of the box. DoIT will also be responsible for providing guidance on hardware recommendations, including the types of display devices, computer requirements, and software licensing.  DoIT will help to coordinate the physical installation of devices in your designated areas. This will also involve the assistance of WCU’s Facilities Management Team.

DoIT will not be responsible for content generation.

Access this Service
Contact the IT Help Desk to arrange a follow up meeting on Digital Signage. Instructional Technology and Desktop Services’ friendly staff will contact you to speak with you and your Department/College one-on-one to begin your transition to the new Digital Signage System at WCU. We will help you with all aspects of this service, from choosing an appropriate location, to choosing the right display type, to installing the system and getting it online.

To submit content for Digital Signage, please submit an online request form with your content attached or:

Contact IT Help Desk with your submission:

   Call: 227-7487 or 866-928-7487 (toll free)
    E-mail: ithelp@wcu.edu
    Log in: Online Help Desk/IT Self-Service http://help.wcu.edu