When a copyright holder contacts WCU about an offense originating from our network, it is the responsibility of IT to locate the infringing individual and begin the remediation process. After the infringing individual is discovered, the network connection is restricted until the remediation process is complete.


This process is required to absolve WCU of legal liability for any infringement that may occur on the University network per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This service also helps fulfill the legal requirements regarding copyright offense as stated in the Higher Education Opportunity Act. This service will only be rendered upon the request of a legal copyright owner with proof of the offense.


Only parties that have committed an offense or have had an offense committed against their registered, copyrighted material can access this service.

Service Availability

Available to all students, faculty and staff.

IT’s Role

  • Determine the source of the copyright offense and begin the remediation process.  This process involves several departments and is subject to change without notice.  Once the process is complete, IT will close the case.
  • Answer questions and educate students, faculty and staff about the law and its penalties.
  • Promote safe and legal usage of information and technology.



Contact the IT Help Desk
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Closed weekends and university holidays
Call: 227-7487 or 866-928-7487 (toll free)
E-mail: ithelp@wcu.edu
Log in: Online Help Desk/IT Self-Service http://help.wcu.edu/
Visit the Technology Commons
On the ground floor of Hunter Library
For walk-up technology assistance for faculty, staff and students
See our hours at tc.wcu.edu


Charge for this Service

No charge.