Beginning December 1, 2017 PAW Print pricing will be changing. The Paw Print fleet of printers will be divided into four tiers with varying prices based on print volume. This change has been made to make the PAW Print service sustainable for campus. During the month of November, IT division staff will be adding new stickers to PAW Print printers in the fleet with information about their tier and pricing.

The tiers and associated volume/prices are as follows:

Tier Volume (based on B&W Pages per month) B&W Price Color Price
1 <1,600 $0.16 $0.35
2 1,601-3,000 $0.12 $0.30
3 3,001-6,000 $0.05 $0.25
4 >6,001 $0.048 $0.24

Pricing is based purely on printer volume. Students and other CatCash print users will pay the same price as Faculty/Staff. Students should take care to print to Tier 3 or Tier 4 print devices in order to avoid increased costs. All printers in the Technology Commons located in the Hunter Library are Tier 3 or Tier 4.

More information on the tiering model and a complete list of campus PAW Print devices and their associated tiers can be found at

More PAW Print FAQ information is available at

For any questions on PAW Print services including printer tiers, pricing or reporting, please contact the IT Help Desk at (828) 227-7487 or via email at