You may have heard the term “Internet of Things” or IoT used a lot recently. This term refers to non-traditional devices that are now able to connect to the Internet. These can be “things” like fitness trackers, cars, dishwashers, smart TVs, door locks or medical devices like insulin pumps. These devices are now showing up on your home networks and our WCU network. The risk with many IoT devices is that security is an afterthought and not built into the device. If an IoT device is vulnerable it can be an entry point into the rest of the network. Here are several things to consider before attaching an IoT device to your network:

  1. Try to choose a device with a management interface because you will want to…
  2. Change the default password on the device and…
  3. Apply any security updates when they are available for the device.
  4. Also, understand what data is collected from the device and where it is being stored to evaluate if you really want to risk the added convenience or capabilities the device brings.

If you have a need to connect an IoT device to the WCU network, please contact the IT Help Desk so the device can be configured securely.

Watch the video: Risks of The Internet of Things