The Curative Analysis team in IT is tasked with finding the causes of significant IT issues that affect campus. In this news update, we draw your attention to some of the problems being investigated or issues handled recently.

Personal Services Access: Personal Services access has been a known issue for some time in some K-12 schools, hospitals, and other government stations. IT staff are currently working with the UNC System Office to test a new setup which may provide a solution for anyone trying to connect from a military or similarly secured network.

MS Office on Windows 10:  Several Windows 10 users are reporting an Unlicensed Product error at the top of their Office 365 products on WCU-owned devices. This message does impact the ability to use the applications. To resolve the issue, install the latest version of the Office 365 ProPlus 2020 from self-service. Self-service is available at using the Internet Explorer browser.

Issues Connecting New Devices to Eduroam:  On August 7, new Windows 10 devices attempting to connect to eduroam via the eduroam onboarding tool (ExpressConnect) began receiving an unexpected popup asking for a URL and were unable to proceed. As a workaround, Windows 10 users who are experiencing this issue can use to connect to eduroam. Networking staff plan to migrate all users to the new onboarding tool for eduroam and retire the old tool.

Blackboard Text Editor:  An update to Blackboard by the vendor on November 5 caused issues for some users with the Text Editor. This change made it difficult for students to taking exams or submitting assignments and prevented faculty from creating assignments, quizzes, or exams. The LMS team worked with the vendor to resolve the issue, as of Monday, November 9.

Ramsey VoIP Phones:  Mitel VoIP desk phones are intermittently losing their connection to the network in the Ramsey building.  When this happens the phones show “No Service” and cannot dial in or out.  Computers connected through the phone ethernet ports are not affected by this problem. This appears to be an issue in the network core. We are working with Juniper to determine the cause.  The Networking department is monitoring phones in Ramsey for these outages and is correcting the issue as it occurs. The Clearspan softphone app can be used instead of desk phones if needed, as the app is not affected by these outages. 

November 2020 Problem Tickets: (Total 8)
Blackboard Text Editor: 1
Network Connectivity:  1
Odyssey: 1
Office 365:  2
Personal Services: 1
myWCU: 1

The Division of IT is committed to adopting a proactive, process-oriented approach to prevent problems before they arise. We will continue to keep you informed on our progress.

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