Service Description

We provide standard video conferencing for virtual business meetings, and interactive video classes allowing place-bound students to attend WCU classes in a video environment.

Instructional Television is two-way audio and/or video conferencing. Classes are shared by local sites connecting to remote sites. Depending on how the course is set up, students at both sites can see, hear, and interact with each another.

More about WCU’s IT Video Services

WCU is able to video conference with all University sites in N.C. via the North Carolina Research and Educational Network (NCREN). WCU is also able to connect with other states and international destinations. Instructional Television connectivity with most community colleges in the state, and many public schools and government agencies, is available via the North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH).

Unless otherwise requested, all Instructional Television programming is recorded. Recordings of these courses are currently not maintained beyond the semester in which the course is delivered. Recordings of business activities are maintained for two weeks.

The IT Video Services facility at WCU does not provide remote video recording, phone conferencing, or satellite downlink programming.

Ad-Hoc “webinars” or other web-based sessions may be accommodated, depending upon date and time, and dependent upon the availability of resources.

Training for faculty teaching for the first time in an Instructional Television format at WCU can be arranged by appointment.


Facilities are booked by appointment only.

The IT Video Services facility occupies suite 133 in the Cordelia Camp Building. The Video Classroom accommodates 35 people. The Teleconference Room accommodates 12-20 people.


These resources are all available to any faculty or staff at Western Carolina University.

Students have access through class enrollment or via WCU recognized Student Organizations through their Organization Advisor.

Service Availability

IT Video Services facilities are available by appointment/scheduling.

IT’s Role

Maintain the equipment and connections, schedule the sessions, train users.

Access this Service

These facilities are available by appointment/scheduling.


Contact the IT Help Desk

Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m – 6:30 p.m.
Closed weekends and university holidays
Call: 227-7487 or 866-928-7487  (toll free)
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