Under University Policy 62, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the primary authority responsible for approving software and related service acquisitions. Our Software Acquisition process reduces risk (both legal and technical) to the University and purchasers (departments and individuals). 

As we prepare for the University budget cycle and potential end of year spending allocation, we want to let you know that software acquisition review (including contract review) can be performed well in advance. IT is happy to work with you to secure approvals pending budget. This will allow you to act quickly if end of year funds are made available close to the end of the fiscal year. 

The software adoption process (illustrated here) works with all stakeholders (WCU unit, Vendor, Legal and IT Security) to evaluate risk and negotiate contract terms if needed.  

Please contact the IT Help Desk (ithelp@wcu.edu) if you have questions or would like to make use of this service.