Craig Fowler

Welcome to the Fall 2009 issue of DoIT News.

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone at WCU who has provided me with such a warm welcome. I am excited to be part of the WCU team and the information technology division for our university.

Second, in the area of IT strategy, one of my first goals has been to meet individually with the vice chancellors and deans. The goal is not yet complete, but I’m on track for the first part of October. One dean mentioned to me that “IT frames the capacity of the institution.” I have spent some time pondering her statement and it is impacting my thoughts on how we should outline our IT strategic plan. IT has become pervasive in WCU’s approach to pedagogy, distance education, and enabling administrative processes. To put it another way, IT is a key ingredient for WCU’s continuing success and growth. As we put together the next version of our strategic plan, we will be paying considerable attention to ensuring that IT is enabling growth and achievement and is not a constraint. As our strategy becomes more developed, we will be sharing it via DoIT News and other avenues.

Third, in addition to the daily support and services IT provides, there are many projects and other activities underway. I think you will find the accompanying articles of interest:

I hope you enjoy this issue of DoIT News. As always, we are open to your feedback.

Craig A. Fowler, CIO

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