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Information Security Awareness: Ransomware

  What Is it? Malicious software (Malware) delivered to your computer which prevents you from accessing your files most often by encrypting them. To get access to your files again you are instructed to pay a ransom to get the key to unencrypt them (see below):   How can I get this on my computer? […]

Curative Analysis: ‘Own IT’

The Curative Analysis team in IT is tasked with finding the causes of significant IT issues that affect campus. In this news update, we draw your attention to some of the problems being investigated or issues handled recently. Windows OS computer slowness: Reports were received from Faculty and Staff working on WCU computers running the […]

NEW! Professional Development Courses for Faculty and Staff

Beginning this semester, the Division of IT will be offering a brand new professional development service in the core applications of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite: Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive. This is your opportunity to Increase your efficiency and productivity and save time by learning many of the features and functionalities of Microsoft Office. […]

IT Service of the Month: Folder/File Encryption

Each month, the Division of IT highlights a service provided to the campus. This month’s service is: Folder/File Encryption  The Division of IT supports a software solution for encryption and decryption of sensitive data providing cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. Eligibility Faculty and staff Service Availability Monday-Friday, 7:30am-6:30pm, closed weekends and University Holidays […]