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IT Service of the Month: Digital Signage

WCU’s Digital Signage system is a form of electronic display that shows multimedia content for informational, instructional, educational, and advertising purposes. Whereas traditional signage is comprised of printed material, WCU’s Digital Signage system employs large format monitors to display information. While printed signs remain static, a digital sign has the capacity to be dynamic, interactive, […]

Information Security Awareness: Are You Practicing Safe Social Networking?

  Who Else Is Online? When you use social media, do you think about who might be using it besides your friends and connections? Following are some of the other users you may encounter. Identity thieves. Cybercriminals need only a few pieces of information to gain access to your financial resources. Phone numbers, addresses, names, […]

How are we doing? IT shares its metrics for July 2016 through June 2017

Internet Connection Uptime 99.99% August – multiple outages totaling thirty minutes, due to an upgrade of the campus routers connecting WCU to the internet Core Network Uptime 99.35% July 9-11 – 2 day, 9 hour outage in Harrill due to faulty circuit breaker July 12 – 2 hours outage in Blue Ridge due to power […]