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Information Security Awareness: Are You Practicing Safe Social Networking?

  Who Else Is Online? When you use social media, do you think about who might be using it besides your friends and connections? Following are some of the other users you may encounter. Identity thieves. Cybercriminals need only a few pieces of information to gain access to your financial resources. Phone numbers, addresses, names, […]

Information Security Awareness: Security Tips for Traveling at Home and Abroad

  Summer will be here soon! We all like to travel with our mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, or tablets) — whether it’s to the coffee shop around the corner or to a café in Paris. These devices make it easy for us to stay connected while on the go, but they can also store a […]

Information Security Awareness: Learn What It Takes to Refuse the Phishing Bait!

According to IBM’s 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, human error is a factor in 95% of security incidents. Following are a few ways to identify various types of social engineering attacks. What do they want? They want to lure you into exposing sensitive information like your username and password, bank account or credit card numbers, […]

Information Security Awareness: Keep What’s Private, Private

  You exist in digital form all over the Internet. It is thus important to ensure that the digital you matches what you are intending to share. It is also critical to guard your privacy — not only to avoid embarrassment, but also to protect your identity and finances! Watch this video: Top Online Privacy […]

Information Security Awareness: Will Your Password Be Unbroken?

Passwords are an important part of our digital lives. There are many steps users can take to protect their online accounts and mobile devices with strong passwords or passphrases. Here are some ideas to get you started.   Remember the first rule for passwords: Never share your passwords, passphrases, or PINs with anyone! Create easily […]

Information Security Awareness: Social Engineering

Ponemon Institute performed an experiment by sending a white-hat hacker into the offices of eight U.S. companies, under the guise of a temporary or part-time worker. “(I)n 88% of attempts, they were able to visually hack sensitive information from a worker’s computer screen or hard copy documents,” 63% of the time within a half hour. […]

October 2016: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  Did you know? 93% of Americans believe their online actions can help make the web safer for everyone. However, 28% of Americans say they lack knowledge about ways to stay safer online. Here are some tips to help: Protect Your Device: Add a passcode to your cell phone, tablet, or laptop right now! Use […]

Information Security Awareness: Ransomware

  What Is it? Malicious software (Malware) delivered to your computer which prevents you from accessing your files most often by encrypting them. To get access to your files again you are instructed to pay a ransom to get the key to unencrypt them (see below):   How can I get this on my computer? […]

Information Security Awareness: Encrypt Your Critical Data

Data Handling Procedures RED and ORANGE data should not be stored in some places like on personally owned devices and flash drives and… must be encrypted in other places, like on WCU-owned PCs, OneDrive and Mercury and… RED data should not be transmitted via Email, but ORANGE data can be sent in an encrypted Email.  […]

Information Security Awareness: Don’t Get Hooked

Phishing attacks pose a major risk to any organization and continue to target people at WCU. Since these threats won’t go away any time soon, it is important to provide education about the warning signs of phishing, the potential risks of falling prey to an attack, and how we can protect ourselves from getting hooked. […]