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CIO Craig A. Fowler

IT Service of the Month: Physical Computer Security

The Division of IT (DoIT) offers assistance to identify and procure appropriate security methods for University-owned or personal computers. We will help install and implement the selected security devices or systems for University-owned computers. University-owned laptops come with two security features – the WCU logo etched onto the cover and Computrace Complete installed to help […]

NEW! Professional Development Courses for Faculty and Staff

Continuing this semester, the Division of IT will be offering a professional development service in the core applications of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite: Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. This is your opportunity to increase your efficiency and productivity and save time by learning many of the features and functionalities of Microsoft Office. […]

Information Security Awareness: Learn What It Takes to Refuse the Phishing Bait!

According to IBM’s 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, human error is a factor in 95% of security incidents. Following are a few ways to identify various types of social engineering attacks. What do they want? They want to lure you into exposing sensitive information like your username and password, bank account or credit card numbers, […]

Curative Analysis: ‘Own IT’ Update for February 2017

The Curative Analysis team in IT is tasked with finding the causes of significant IT issues that affect campus. In this news update, we draw your attention to some of the problems being investigated or issues handled recently. myWCU Connection to Personal Services:  On several occasions, faculty, staff, and students reported an error when attempting […]

IT Service of the Month: Password Management

The Division of IT provides a self-service password reset tool for faculty, staff, and student WCUids. Self-service password management allows you to manage your WCUid account should you forget your password or your password expires. Your WCUid is the username assigned by the university that ends in (faculty/staff) or (student). Eligibility All WCU […]